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Fab Friday

What a week this has been for me. Both jobs have provided non-stop laughs. I got to see two of my good friends these past two days. Honey Nut Cheerios has a new meaning (I’m going to miss Kevin Garnett when he retires.). The Sacramento Kings may or may not move, again.  I have a new nickname and it’s payday. IT’S ONLY FRIDAY PEOPLE. Regardless of how my weekend turns out, this has been a great week.

(I won’t be happy if the Kings move, I’d rather stay in Sacramento to watch the Lakers play. I just want to make that known.)

Things you should do this weekend:

Go to the movies to see this…

or this…

and if you haven’t yet, this!

That’s all I got. Just small little suggestions. It’s cold out and some people probably won’t make it outside.

This is a make or break weekend at the bars. If the Niners defeat the Packers, bars will be packed and joyous. If the Niners lose, bars will be packed and somber. Either way, people will be spending money on booze so I guess make or break wouldn’t matter.

Remember people, know your limit. Do not order that extra drink because:


Katt Williams, Katt Williams, Katt Williams…. that’s all I got.

Magic Johnson, Steve Nash and CP3

Is this a direct shot at the Los Angeles Lakers?

Poor Steve Nash.

C’mon Magic.

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Substitute Post, Replacement Blogger – Go Dodgers!!

For some reason Stephone was unable to do his own work so I am filling in for him. My name is Josh and I don’t believe in Twitter or Facebook. I’m old school, I actually call people and I suck at texting.

I DO work in the media industry in Los Angeles and I have been lobbying for him to move down here. He is trying, but this industry is a tough one.

Since I own this post today, this is my way.


Stephone’s ANGELS suck.

The Angels should have made a move at the trade deadline for some bullpen help.

I don’t know what to do. He really didn’t give me a layout on what to post.

*I’ll give you 5 fun/interesting facts about him*:

1. Stephone instigates like no other.

2.  He LOVES the Angels, Raiders, USC, Lakers, Ducks. In that order.

3. He can have a serious conversation with you, IF you ask.

4. He has more female friends(hot ones!) THAN guy friends. Makes no sense because he is one ugly mofo.

5. He has a good head on his shoulders for being quite emotional.

Bonus one:

People go crazy for Jordan’s…He goes crazy for Puma’s.

I hope those facts gives you a little bit more insight about Stephone.

I also hope he doesn’t ask me to this again on short notice.

Here is MY favorite video.

I’m done.



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From “Jeremy Lin That I Used To Know” to…

I’m going to take a break from my scheduled Wednesday writing.  With the recent announcement of the NFL Refs coming back sooner than later, I found this parody.


Look familiar?

This is the same guy who gave us the love song of Jeremy Lin.

The NBA is almost back… Lakers/Heat, NBA Finals 2013.
Lakers in 7.

Happy Day of Humps!



Lakers/Kings Roundup

These past two days have been nothing short of news. Let’s start things off with Wednesday.

■Apparently Kobe Bryant decided to make a visit to our “friendly” neighborhood club MiX. Apparently, Kobe was just chilling, relaxing-enjoy a few tasty beverages. I don’t know what is the deal with Wednesday. Maybe I am getting old, but it seems like the weekend starts on Hump Day.
■Today, Thursday, Metta World Peace and Mr. Pau Gasol were seen getting some sushi at Mikuni. Not quite sure if it was the one in Downtown or near the mall. Regardless, they were out enjoying the beautiful weather.
■We come to find out Kobe won’t be playing. He officially loses the scoring title to OKC Thunder, Kevin Durant. He is focused on getting that sixth ring.
■The Maloofs and KJ had a encouraging meeting today in regards of the arena. Mayor Kevin Johnson says that they “…agreed not to negotiate in public.” So we shall see how that goes.
■No starters will be playing for the Lakers.

This is the last game of the season for the Sacramento Kings. The season was filled with up and downs, on and off the court. The last pick from the draft, UW’s (University of Washington) finest Isiah Thomas has become a fan favorite. Jimmer Fredette had a OK rookie season. Demarcus Cousins played well. Coaching changes, arena issues, just the norm for Kings Basketball.

I’m excited to see my Pacific Division Champions Lakers play tonight in person. I’m not excited that it won’t be the same Lakers that I’m used to seeing. The Lakers are waiting to see if they host the Denver Nuggets or Dallas Mavericks in the first round on Sunday.

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