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Fab Friday

What a week this has been for me. Both jobs have provided non-stop laughs. I got to see two of my good friends these past two days. Honey Nut Cheerios has a new meaning (I’m going to miss Kevin Garnett when he retires.). The Sacramento Kings may or may not move, again.  I have a new nickname and it’s payday. IT’S ONLY FRIDAY PEOPLE. Regardless of how my weekend turns out, this has been a great week.

(I won’t be happy if the Kings move, I’d rather stay in Sacramento to watch the Lakers play. I just want to make that known.)

Things you should do this weekend:

Go to the movies to see this…

or this…

and if you haven’t yet, this!

That’s all I got. Just small little suggestions. It’s cold out and some people probably won’t make it outside.

This is a make or break weekend at the bars. If the Niners defeat the Packers, bars will be packed and joyous. If the Niners lose, bars will be packed and somber. Either way, people will be spending money on booze so I guess make or break wouldn’t matter.

Remember people, know your limit. Do not order that extra drink because:


Katt Williams, Katt Williams, Katt Williams…. that’s all I got.

What To Do?

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Here are a few things you guys and gals can do this weekend, courtesy of me.

What to watch:  Argo

Ben Affleck continues to amaze me when he is behind to camera. Hopefully that streak resumes when I check this out on Sunday. The cast looks stellar as well.

Where to eat/drink: Red Rabbit

I’ve only been here twice and the drinks were awesome. Sacramento folks, I recommend ordering the West Indies Sour. For eats I recommend, via Seeking Style, the Rabbit Ravioli. The dish was small, but it was still delicious according to her.

Junk food of the day:

You can’t hate on the classics.

This weekend, I will be involved with one of these three things. Heck, all three might happen in one day.

I hope the Raiders shock the world against the Falcons on Sunday. If they get the victory, then it will be a successful weekend. If not? Well, then….I probably will not post anything on Monday.

Thank you Reds for allowing the Giants to advance to the League Championship Series, NOT!!!

Kudos to the Tigers for handling business against the A’s. I know I have been hating on the A’s but I do know that they have a good squad. They will be tough to handle next year.

Song of the week:

I looked it up, this song was released ten years ago. Still good though.

Story of my life, Grindin’

Happy Friday my peoples!

It’s The Freaking Weekend!!

Time to switch things up. Yesterday I went emotional (I’m sorry) and I promise it won’t happen again (or will it?).

Let’s begin shall we? Has a random question ever popped in your head? Literally, the first thing in the morning?  If you said no, you’re lying.

This was the question that popped in my head this morning…

*40 Sec mark is your goal, but watch the whole thing*

Weird, I know. It’s true though, I haven’t heard from Ja Rule in a long time.

!*!* IT’S THE WEEKEND *!*!*

Who is doing what this weekend? I haven’t checked the weather, but I’m pretty sure it won’t be nice here in the 916. A trip to the Bay Area might be in the works. If you have been reading my posts, you are probably assuming Berkeley or San Francisco. HA!, WRONG, fooled you. Santa Cruz might be in order if everything goes according to plan.

Plans, PLANS and PLANS! Everything in life needs a Plan and a “Plan B’. In this case, I really hope my “Plan B” gets action. I don’t mind trips to the Ocean, but I DO mind paying for gas. Gas is becoming a hassle again. I swear it was $2.50 yesterday…Yeah, I wish we were back in the good ol’ days for that reason alone.

OK, sorry, mind was wandering – PLAN B!

Is the suspense killing you? Ok, it’s nothing major (except for fans). Wait for it…. And it is….

Just missing the booze.

Yup, a Community marathon. Season Three came out earlier this week! I still find it sad that people don’t have love for Community. Unfortunately, smart shows rarely get love.

Changing subjects before I rant, yet again.

Breakdown so far:

Clip of the week: Dave Chappelle

Show of the week: Community

Food of the week: Old-School, Oreo’s

Song of the day………

Andre 3000, always doing his thing. Very talented person, he is going to playing Jimi Hendrix in a biopic. I still don’t know all the details in regards of the movie. I didn’t forget about B.o.B, he is still doing his thing – under the radar.

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Enjoy the weekend my fellow humans!

The Avengers Midnight Show vs. A Regular Midnight Show.

I would like to consider myself a veteran in the “Midnight Show” world. The majority of the Midnight shows happen during the summer. I remember the first Midnight show I attended was for Spider – Man 2. The crowd was amazing! Everybody was wearing some type of Spider-Man apparel. I was completely surprised. I always knew that the hardcore people go to the Midnight Show, but I was just not expecting what I saw.

I found out that Midnight shows are not for every movie. When I saw the trailer for The Day the Earth Stood Still, I thought it would be pretty good. As soon as I set foot in the theatre, nobody was there. It didn’t help that Keanu “Giant Stiff” Reeves was the star in it. That had to be, besides The Happening, the worst movie I ever saw. Wait… I lied, The Transporter was a complete waste of my time. The sad thing about the movie, it was an advanced screening – I WALKED OUT!

For every good, there is a bad. It is understandable to have a blockbuster start off at Midnight. The company wants to make as much money as possible. Movie Companies also knows people will come out. Which brings me to Spider-Man 3. That movie had a lot of stuff going on and as a result it was not a good movie. This is where the beauty of the moviegoers plays a role. Is it annoying when your neighbor talks in the movie? Yes. When they text? For sure. At Midnight though, anything goes. Fans are yelling out comments, you have laser pointers at the screen, random yellers etc. I can’t remember the number of slurs people were yelling about Mary Jane Watson. That’s the beauty of it, we tolerate it for a Midnight Show. For a regular screening at 6pm? People will complain, guaranteed.

To set the record straight, you have to be a truly dedicated/crazy person to go watch a movie at Midnight. It’s hard, it’s early Friday morning and you still have to go to work a few hours after the movie ends. You have to also get to the theatre early enough if you want to save seats. People usually go out drinking/eating before heading to the theatre. Lots of factors come into play, hence dedicated/crazy people. Everybody is family in the theatre. We all want to be the first ones to watch it and have something to talk about, six hours later. We go for the sideshow: the people watching, the costumes, people camping out, people sneaking food and alcohol in.

I write this because this go round feels different. The Avengers comes out tonight and I’m excited. I and along with everybody else, has not seen a gathering like this before. Sure we have the X-Men, but this is The Avengers. Each had a solo movie leading up to this. The buzz for this movie has been through the roof. I’m anxious for this because I want to see the different Marvel Apparel people will wear. I want to hear how many times somebody has seen the solo movies looking for Easter Eggs. I want to hear the reaction of the crowd once the team Assemblies. The Avengers Midnight Show will have a different feel compared to any other Midnight Show. It wasn’t mandatory to put The Avengers at Midnight, I think The Avengers is the first movie to earn that time slot.

The trailer (UK Style), one last time…

Any thoughts? Reactions? Agree? Disagree? Am I rambling?

The Avengers!!!

Can’t wait… I’m still scared that the hype won’t match the quality. Yet, once I saw this trailers – I got chills.

Didn’t See This Coming…

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