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Double Dose of Videos

I’ve posted this song on my Facebook, but not on here. I heard somebody blasting this song at the Raiders game on Sunday and I was just laughing. I’ve heard this song before, but it was weird hearing it at a tailgate.

I introduce to you, Tim Wilson.

Skip the first ten seconds.

Discount Booty

On a serious note, “Phase Two” for Marvel has begun. The Iron Man 3 trailer was released early this morning. I watched it three times and I still have no idea what to expect.

May 2013 is so far away, I can’t wait!!

It’s Tuesday and I’m already tired. I have to keep it moving though.



The Avengers Midnight Show vs. A Regular Midnight Show.

I would like to consider myself a veteran in the “Midnight Show” world. The majority of the Midnight shows happen during the summer. I remember the first Midnight show I attended was for Spider – Man 2. The crowd was amazing! Everybody was wearing some type of Spider-Man apparel. I was completely surprised. I always knew that the hardcore people go to the Midnight Show, but I was just not expecting what I saw.

I found out that Midnight shows are not for every movie. When I saw the trailer for The Day the Earth Stood Still, I thought it would be pretty good. As soon as I set foot in the theatre, nobody was there. It didn’t help that Keanu “Giant Stiff” Reeves was the star in it. That had to be, besides The Happening, the worst movie I ever saw. Wait… I lied, The Transporter was a complete waste of my time. The sad thing about the movie, it was an advanced screening – I WALKED OUT!

For every good, there is a bad. It is understandable to have a blockbuster start off at Midnight. The company wants to make as much money as possible. Movie Companies also knows people will come out. Which brings me to Spider-Man 3. That movie had a lot of stuff going on and as a result it was not a good movie. This is where the beauty of the moviegoers plays a role. Is it annoying when your neighbor talks in the movie? Yes. When they text? For sure. At Midnight though, anything goes. Fans are yelling out comments, you have laser pointers at the screen, random yellers etc. I can’t remember the number of slurs people were yelling about Mary Jane Watson. That’s the beauty of it, we tolerate it for a Midnight Show. For a regular screening at 6pm? People will complain, guaranteed.

To set the record straight, you have to be a truly dedicated/crazy person to go watch a movie at Midnight. It’s hard, it’s early Friday morning and you still have to go to work a few hours after the movie ends. You have to also get to the theatre early enough if you want to save seats. People usually go out drinking/eating before heading to the theatre. Lots of factors come into play, hence dedicated/crazy people. Everybody is family in the theatre. We all want to be the first ones to watch it and have something to talk about, six hours later. We go for the sideshow: the people watching, the costumes, people camping out, people sneaking food and alcohol in.

I write this because this go round feels different. The Avengers comes out tonight and I’m excited. I and along with everybody else, has not seen a gathering like this before. Sure we have the X-Men, but this is The Avengers. Each had a solo movie leading up to this. The buzz for this movie has been through the roof. I’m anxious for this because I want to see the different Marvel Apparel people will wear. I want to hear how many times somebody has seen the solo movies looking for Easter Eggs. I want to hear the reaction of the crowd once the team Assemblies. The Avengers Midnight Show will have a different feel compared to any other Midnight Show. It wasn’t mandatory to put The Avengers at Midnight, I think The Avengers is the first movie to earn that time slot.

The trailer (UK Style), one last time…

Any thoughts? Reactions? Agree? Disagree? Am I rambling?

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