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This Doesn’t Get You Hungry?

My co-worker showed me this video. I was laughing the whole time, especially at the big guy. Very good beat though. Then I thought to myself, my friends are weird. I love them though.

That is your laughter of the day.
Is it Happy Hour yet?



Inside The Mind Of A Tired Man

Lent is killing me, but I still enjoy it. Nothing is better than testing our self-discipline.

I’m kind of sad today, I was suppose to hang out with JB today, let along go to the Kings game but all of that is not happening. Now I have to work tonight, but at the end of the day I have to get paid.

Overall, today is a beautiful day and I’m stuck inside just a bit longer.  I might have to hit up a happy hour. Then again, I should go to sleep since I’ve been up for about seventeen hours straight. It doesn’t help that I have work tonight, so I might as well get that quick nap in. Who knows, I’m all over the place.

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