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Home, Sweet Home

Back to reality. Why is the first day being at work after a vacation the worse? I thought I would be ready for work again, but I’m not. My mind is still on the shores of Redondo Beach. Let’s say the beach in general because Hermosa, Venice and Santa Monica got some love as well.


I was able to walk along Third Street Promenade, but I had no money to buy anything. I did roller blade (yes, people still do that)  from Santa Monica to Venice Beach. I played some basketball at Venice Beach. I made my first three shots and after that? ALL. BAD. It does not help that I am out of shape. Those guys can play though. I can officially mark Venice Beach off my bucket list. I was able to walk along Third Street Promenade, but I had no money to buy anything.

One would think that I would keep a camera on me at all times, but I didn’t. The slideshow consists of pictures from my phone. The hotel that I stayed at was in Redondo Beach, three blocks away from THE beach. I was quite excited about that.  The first few slides are from Redondo and the rest are from Santa Monica.


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It was my first time getting to hang out in Hermosa Beach. I went bar hopping with some friends from high school. It’s weird, I’m pretty much ten years removed from high school. Time flies.  Anyway, the pier was just filled with restaurants/bars.  We did our fair share of walking, but it was nice. We pretty much ended the night watching the waves. I have never done that before, but THAT? Was nice.


The family had a BBQ and that was good. Nothing beats a BBQ with a touch of home. It was cool seeing the family, and the family was quite happy to see King Alex as well. I really don’t like going to LA but for some reason this trip felt different. I really don’t have a reason why, but it felt different.


The best part of the trip was going to Versailles. CUBAN FOOD. Whenever I make a trip down south, I have to at least three things: Go to Versailles, chill at Santa Monica Pier or get Thai food. I was able to accomplish two out of the three.


Seriously though, does this not look good?

Famoso Pollo Versailles

I had that for dinner and yet again it did not disappoint.

Sunday, during the BBQ, my aunt hooked it up with this….

I didn’t open it yet, but apparently it is really good. It is Rum from Belize.

 Just in case you didn’t know, fun fact of the day, my folks are from Belize. I have Central American roots. Not a lot of people know about that, but now? The internet world knows!

It felt good to be back at the old stomping grounds, but it feels good to be back in Nor Cal. At the end of the day all that matters is that everybody is alive and well. If that happens, then it’s all good.


Home, Sweet Home

Lakers/Kings Roundup

These past two days have been nothing short of news. Let’s start things off with Wednesday.

■Apparently Kobe Bryant decided to make a visit to our “friendly” neighborhood club MiX. Apparently, Kobe was just chilling, relaxing-enjoy a few tasty beverages. I don’t know what is the deal with Wednesday. Maybe I am getting old, but it seems like the weekend starts on Hump Day.
■Today, Thursday, Metta World Peace and Mr. Pau Gasol were seen getting some sushi at Mikuni. Not quite sure if it was the one in Downtown or near the mall. Regardless, they were out enjoying the beautiful weather.
■We come to find out Kobe won’t be playing. He officially loses the scoring title to OKC Thunder, Kevin Durant. He is focused on getting that sixth ring.
■The Maloofs and KJ had a encouraging meeting today in regards of the arena. Mayor Kevin Johnson says that they “…agreed not to negotiate in public.” So we shall see how that goes.
■No starters will be playing for the Lakers.

This is the last game of the season for the Sacramento Kings. The season was filled with up and downs, on and off the court. The last pick from the draft, UW’s (University of Washington) finest Isiah Thomas has become a fan favorite. Jimmer Fredette had a OK rookie season. Demarcus Cousins played well. Coaching changes, arena issues, just the norm for Kings Basketball.

I’m excited to see my Pacific Division Champions Lakers play tonight in person. I’m not excited that it won’t be the same Lakers that I’m used to seeing. The Lakers are waiting to see if they host the Denver Nuggets or Dallas Mavericks in the first round on Sunday.

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