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Is Music Dying? Or Am I Just Old?

“Honestly I don’t even listen to rap, cause when I turn the radio on, out comes crap. And if you make good music that’s ok, but on the radio that they don’t play”
– B.o.B, Generation Lost

B.o.B is a former underground Hip-Hop artist who is now mainstream. I own a couple of his mixtapes and they sound great. Some studio albums he came out with are pretty legit, B.o.B Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray and Strange Clouds. Unfortunately, most of his good songs does not get air time.

One song that I really like:

Another artist who is finally getting love, but kind of doesn’t,  is Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino.

This gentleman is the definition of hard worker. He has the title actor/writer/comedian/rapper.

  • He served as a writer for 30 Rock.
  • He plays the hilarious Troy Barnes.
  • And he is the straight-forward, Childish Gambino.

Proof, performance in LA:

Sorry, about the freeze shot. I don’t control YouTube.

Still, if my memory serves me right I have only heard at least two songs on the radio. That, till this day, does not make any sense to me. We have the likes of Justin Beiber, Drake and Celly Cel playing every five minutes.

It seems that good, real, music is considered Rebel Music (Yes, I borrowed that from  Wyclef Jean). Decade of solid music here, not so solid decade there. Music is a cycle, now is not our time for good, solid music. Hopefully, there are some hidden talents that are trying to be discovered that is all about heart and soul, not fame and fortune.  The heart and soul are what Childish Gambino and B.o.B. are about. It’s just a matter of time before the MASS audience will really listen.

Side note, as I finish this, maybe one or two songs have hit the airwaves from B.o.B. as my friend just told me.

Shows how much I listen to radio, I’m strictly a iPod person. I can create my own playlist there.

Maybe music isn’t dying. I’m just getting old  and not with the times.

Bonus from Mr. Glover, singing on Community:

Oakland A’s Add One and Drop One

Today, the Oakland A’s optioned right-handed pitcher Andrew Carignan to Triple-A Sacramento. The move was made to clear a roster spot for left-handed pitcher Travis Blackley, who was claimed off waivers from the  San Francisco Giants yesterday.

Carignan was recalled from  the  Sacramento RiverCats last Friday for his second stint with the A’s. He appeared in two games, allowing two runs on two hits and three walks in 2.0 innings of work . Carignan is 1-1 with a 7.11 ERA in seven appearances  with Oakland and has issued eight walks in 6.1 innings.

Blackley began the season at Triple-A Fresno and was 3-0 with a save and a 0.39 ERA in four games, three of them starts. He was called up by  the Giants on May 1 where he posted a 9.00 ERA and .333 opponents batting average in four relief appearances with San Francisco before he was designated for assignment on Sunday.

Second Saturday, Sacramento Style

As the title suggests, this one is about Second Saturday. Meaning, the Second Saturday of each month, just in case you lost count. This past Saturday (and future Second Saturdays) is the Saturday of all Saturdays in Midtown. Streets are just filled with people, dogs on leashes, bars are filled (with nice drink specials at some places.)

Their was a time in which Second Saturday was in doubt. About two years ago, a shooting took place near a bar called Streets of London and the security of that Second Saturday was put into question. The day, no, the event was put into question. Their were some talks of it being cancelled. The following Second Saturdays were a bit down, safety was a concern. It’s like with all situations same you can’t let one bad apple ruin the tree (is that the right saying in this case?).

After a while though, Second Saturday returned back to normal.

Here is the breakdown of the greatness that is Second Saturday:

  • Quality friend time.
  • Quality drinking time.
  • Great people watching.
  • Street side entertainment.
  • Great weather.

Besides those four things, Second Saturday is about the mom and pop stores. These mom and pop stores showcases art & clothing. Also, Midtown offers some pretty good art galleries. If you are in Sacramento, just make sure that you are here during Second Saturday, lots of walking is in store for you.

As soon as the sun goes down and the families are gone, that’s when things gets more fun.

For me, it’s all about this…

     Unforutnately, I only drank two Blue Moons. I would’ve liked to drink more but I couldn’t for reasons I shall state later. I had a friend and a friend of a drink like crazy so that kept me entertained. Now that I’m thinking about it, Miss SeekingStyle still owes me a drink. I might have to cash in on that debt this weekend. Focus…FOCUS. Bars (most) are filled to capacity, drink specials are around if you find the right spot. Clubs have lines everywhere, sadly(not quite) we were denied access to one.  You may even get invited to a random house party, which I’ll explain later.

Second Saturday is one of those days that you can get away going out on your own. By doing that, you are guaranteed to run into somebody that you know. That is one of the positives about Sacramento, it has the big family vibe.

If you decide to take a trip to Sacramento, make sure it lands on a Second Saturday. It’s straight forward: nice weather, friends, people watching and side show entertainment.

What more can you ask for on a Saturday? (Besides BBQ)

Life In a Sentence

“A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing. ” – George Bernard Shaw

New Beginnings, New Look

This week has been a whirlwind to say the least. There is a slight possibility that my career could begin. If it does happen I have the awesome problem of deciding between staying in California or moving to Texas. Relocation has been in my mind from day one of my internship. This problem might soon become reality. I still have to go through various amounts of tests before I get anything.

My pure joy has been filtered on Facebook. The comments that I have been getting back has been heartwarming. On August 23, 2003, I moved to Sacramento. No friends, anything, just my cousin to fall back on. It was a rough brutal few months, but I finally came around to liking the place. I met some awesome people. Even during my hard times between 2009-2011, these same people stuck by me when they did not have to. I owe them my life, they helped me create my Sacramento chapter.

My Sacramento chapter has been defined by many different looks. I’m an owner of numerous MLB hats, PUMA and off-colored shirts. I have an infatuation with sweater vests and Kangol hats. It’s my style, my go-to outfit. Speaking of style, check out a friend of mine- she is the definition of seeking style.

Kangol, Scarf and the Vest

The Sophisticated Look

I’m a young man with an old guy feel. I truly have my own identity (that’s my best friend Mel).

The icing on the cake is my hair. I don’t mind having the bum look, the ugly beard with the messed up hair. It bothers people, but it doesn’t bother me.  It has to go, the last part of me that feels young. I am not to happy about it, but it’s for the best. I always wonder though, appearance is important, but when did it become so vital? Also, imagine what I look like now.

The Avengers Midnight Show vs. A Regular Midnight Show.

I would like to consider myself a veteran in the “Midnight Show” world. The majority of the Midnight shows happen during the summer. I remember the first Midnight show I attended was for Spider – Man 2. The crowd was amazing! Everybody was wearing some type of Spider-Man apparel. I was completely surprised. I always knew that the hardcore people go to the Midnight Show, but I was just not expecting what I saw.

I found out that Midnight shows are not for every movie. When I saw the trailer for The Day the Earth Stood Still, I thought it would be pretty good. As soon as I set foot in the theatre, nobody was there. It didn’t help that Keanu “Giant Stiff” Reeves was the star in it. That had to be, besides The Happening, the worst movie I ever saw. Wait… I lied, The Transporter was a complete waste of my time. The sad thing about the movie, it was an advanced screening – I WALKED OUT!

For every good, there is a bad. It is understandable to have a blockbuster start off at Midnight. The company wants to make as much money as possible. Movie Companies also knows people will come out. Which brings me to Spider-Man 3. That movie had a lot of stuff going on and as a result it was not a good movie. This is where the beauty of the moviegoers plays a role. Is it annoying when your neighbor talks in the movie? Yes. When they text? For sure. At Midnight though, anything goes. Fans are yelling out comments, you have laser pointers at the screen, random yellers etc. I can’t remember the number of slurs people were yelling about Mary Jane Watson. That’s the beauty of it, we tolerate it for a Midnight Show. For a regular screening at 6pm? People will complain, guaranteed.

To set the record straight, you have to be a truly dedicated/crazy person to go watch a movie at Midnight. It’s hard, it’s early Friday morning and you still have to go to work a few hours after the movie ends. You have to also get to the theatre early enough if you want to save seats. People usually go out drinking/eating before heading to the theatre. Lots of factors come into play, hence dedicated/crazy people. Everybody is family in the theatre. We all want to be the first ones to watch it and have something to talk about, six hours later. We go for the sideshow: the people watching, the costumes, people camping out, people sneaking food and alcohol in.

I write this because this go round feels different. The Avengers comes out tonight and I’m excited. I and along with everybody else, has not seen a gathering like this before. Sure we have the X-Men, but this is The Avengers. Each had a solo movie leading up to this. The buzz for this movie has been through the roof. I’m anxious for this because I want to see the different Marvel Apparel people will wear. I want to hear how many times somebody has seen the solo movies looking for Easter Eggs. I want to hear the reaction of the crowd once the team Assemblies. The Avengers Midnight Show will have a different feel compared to any other Midnight Show. It wasn’t mandatory to put The Avengers at Midnight, I think The Avengers is the first movie to earn that time slot.

The trailer (UK Style), one last time…

Any thoughts? Reactions? Agree? Disagree? Am I rambling?

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